Experience Sankofa Journey 2013

"The best journey to Afrika BAR NONE."

The thing that most Sankofa Sojourners take away from the experience is the opportunity to interact with our people in one of the most beautiful settings on the planet. Once we get out of the city and into the countryside, the rolling hills, the tumbling waterfalls and endless skies provide a beautiful backdrop for the melodies of our language and songs Join us today! Exclusively for people of Afrikan descent ONLY! Sankɔfa Journey 2014 to Ghana, West Afrika August 2 - 18 for Sankofa Journey and wedding; August 2 - 14 - Sankofa Journey only. August 13 - 18 Wedding only. Just $2600.

Boti Falls

See some of the most beautiful sights you've ever seen that you'll find familiar. Like home.

Ghana is a place of limitless natural beauty juxtaposed with underdeveloped urban infrastructure. Between the two lies ancestral memory, familiar sights, scents and tastes where even the mundane seems magical.

Afiya Mangum Disembarking

The feeling of returning to one's rightful place in the world is like no other feeling in the world.

Learn about various aspects of Afrikan culture on the correct side of the ocean. Take a deep breath and release, for you have returned home. You have embarked on the Sankɔfa Journey.

Nana and Baba Oceanside

"Listen more often to things rather than beings."

Hear the fire's voice,
Hear the voice of water.
In the wind hear the sobbing of the trees.
It is the breathing of our forefathers..-Birago Diop
As you listen to the languages of Afrika, spoken and unspoken, listen to the wisdom of all that surrounds you and absorb the lesson. This is the Sankɔfa Journey.

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Ghana Food Buffet

There is nothing like the taste of Afrikan food grown straight from the soil of Asase Yaa, mother earth

The flavors, the scents, the sensation of some of the most delicious foods you've ever tasted. You'll come for the experience and stay for the food. Everything from nkontommire greens, fried plantains, bean stew, jollof rice and more. Be sure to bring your appetite.

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Ama's first touch of the ocean

Strong, sweet, pungent, soft, memorable.

The smells of Afrika. Something you'll never forget. From the soft sweet scent of the greenery of the rural areas to the pungent swirls attacking your olfactory senses in the open-air market, you'll hold onto the memories created even subconsciously and come to love the whole spectrum.

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Why Ghana?

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What makes Ghana such a place of attraction?
The people, the land, the food, our ancestry, the stability and more...read more in this article from Info-Ghana.com

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Frequently Asked Questions

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If you have questions...
We have answers. Check our FAQ section now! Don't see your question? Feel free to contact us today!

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The Sankɔfa Journey: An enriching experience

Sankɔfa Journey at Wli falls

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Health and Vaccination Information

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Put your mind at ease. Whether you're looking for information on health or how NOT to get vaccinated, we have the information you need here!

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And prepare for a healthy and happy time here in Ghana!!!

Features of the Sankɔfa Journey

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A whole host of surprises await!

Oftentimes, as this is Afrika, the unexpected happens; this is a good thing. We may come across an enstooling (coronation) ceremony or be invited to a family gathering. While we ensure we do all of the things planned on our itinerary, we go with the flow as it all contributes to your personal and unique experience that is the Sankɔfa Journey 2013!

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Breathgivingly beautiful scenery.

Ghana is in Afrika and Afrika is beautiful. This is a place that you will want to share with your children and your whole family. As we invite you to share in this gift from Onyame (The Supreme Being), we also invite you to share with your children and family!

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The Sankɔfa Healing Journey: a healing experience.

During the Sankɔfa Journey, you'll get the opportunity to visit various shrines, attend a traditional akɔm and even meet with the Nsumankwaahene; the highest ranking spiritual official in the kingdom of Asante (Ashanti). All of this will add up to a highly spiritual experience to open the way for your own transformation.

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Sankofa Journey Extras

Mwene Mutapa and Nana at the Anomansa dungeon

Interacting with the people of Ghana.

Be prepared for a multitude of BlackNificent experiences as you come to interact and know your family on the other side of the waters as well as your facilitators.

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Nana Ansa of Sankofa Journey

Facilitators from Ghana.

Nana Efia Nsia Asantewaa (Mawiyah Kambon) has been back and forth to Ghana since 1972. Ɔsɔfo Ɔkyeame Kwame Kambon (Ọbádélé Kambon) has lived in Ghana for nearly 6 years as a repatriate. Thus we will introduce you to our friends and family here in Ghana who will assist in making your Sankɔfa Journey MOST BlackTastic!

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Ras AriEl of SJ 2010

Repatriate facilitators.

No one can or will give it to you straight like Afrikans who have repatriated and now permanently live in Ghana. We invite such Afrikans to talk to Sankɔfa Sojourners about the realities of repatriation, investment, day-to-day life and more.

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Join Us in Afrika!!!

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Delivering the Sankɔfa healing experience since 1998.

The Sankɔfa Journey has enriched the lives of hundreds of Afrikans since 1998. Join us today and register for this incomparable experience.

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